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People have been adding me to their group chats but I don't receive any of it so I I looked it up and realized I don't have a group messaging option under My phone is set to accept group MMS and I'm using an iPhone S.
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Not an issue since I only use Hangouts now. SMS… I remember using those, gone with the fax machine. Any idea whether this would cause the wrong messages to be sent to the wrong people? My husband received a random text that I definitely did not send, and it appears on his phone that it came from me with nothing on my phone to suggest that I sent it.

It almost looks like spam. You could probably file a lawsuit if you think your right. However, it may be worth consulting an attorney first. Except this time, when a woman in Michigan started repeatedly calling to tell us she had received a text with a photo of a credit card. T-mobile is downplaying the severity of what happened here.

Wow, that is crazy. Got off work and it was LTE in the town. And they call themselves the uncarrier hahaha what a joke. I believe it has more to do with congestion on the network during peak times.

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Currently my data is at 3. How can one prove that is what they are doing? It might not be the best example but, thatll have to do. Well, you are not throttled, you just have to wait your turn. The only time you even see the slowdown is when the network is congested. I also pay for unlimeted data, and i use Gb total per month. Why should I be slowed waiting for you when you have used over 21Gb already in your billing cycle? We are all paying for data; I appreciate a company willing to save me some even though you have snatched up so much. If it bothers you that much, then go to a different plan or change companies.

Good luck. Verizon can suck it, i left them and TMO has been great. It is interesting that: From a network-level perspective, switching to 4G would also alleviate the issue. Switching to 4G will have the same effect. I keep on getting double texts from people, example my friend has metro pcs they are using the LG Stylo. I keep on getting duplicate texts from her, any idea how to fix it?

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Change the SMS app and see if that works. Nothing else I prefer to use. I guess I could go back to hangouts to see if it does it or not. There are some pretty cool sms app in the Google Play store that should cure your problem. I would try a different sms app then.

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My thoughts just a stab in the dark. I called Tmo and they reset some network settings. Then I did a factory reset, and im still getting duplicate messages…. I am getting double texts as well, this was prior to this issue, then it stops and it started up again today. It is very annoying to get the same message twice or up to 7 or 8 times, sometimes. Anyone else have this issue? I have tried different text apps. Nothing wrong with the wifi.

I have noticed that this fixed the issues I was having.

T-Mobile Galaxy S5 won’t send group message, plus other texting problems

I left verizon for tmobile in over text-messaging issues; i dont see why i wouldnt dump ship again to cricket wireless this time around. T-Mobile is not a reliable service provider. It happens with all carrier btw. Some of my friends oh different carriers are having the same issue. Do you know what service those 5 people have? What is even more odd is that those SMS messages just sat around in a buffer somewhere for a full 7 months.

I have more of a group texting problem I would be able to receive some of the text and a day later I would receive the rest. But my sister iPhone 6 having the same problem but her husband gets everything text message kinda weird. Is it a simple problem or the network? I got a new phone through insurance and now people get double texts from me.

If it the Z3 is having the same problem then it could be the network. Outgoing texts made it to the recipients just fine but incoming was getting delayed between hrs. I tried the suggestion of going to 2G and it seem to have put a bandaid on the problem. This affected me on Tuesday. It was weird. Thanks for posting this Alex. Naturally, they blamed everyone else. My problem was sending a text message and the fuel gauge would move almost to the end and then stop. Eventually the iPhone would say that sending the text had failed although sometimes the text would actually successfully reach its intended.

So far, so good. Thanks again. I mean I have no service whatsoever. I have a stock Nexus 6. Could be. I had to get a another Nexus 6, because my original was getting no service either. Have you tired master resetting the phone? I noticed after changed the WiFi setting from preferred cellular instead of WiFi preferred. That made a huge difference with my phone. I only had 2 text messages fail to send immediately, but did go out after a few min.

I guess I was affected, I thought it strange that I was having issues that day, never have had any problems with service. I thought I had damaged my phone as I recently dropped it. I did notice an improvement once I updated Google Connectivity Services like a week and half ago. I was first affected approximately Before I even went to https: No dice. I rebooted my phone GS6 multiple times. Tmobile home service outage since June 23rd. And only option care gives is to cancel or port number rep even suggested I call the local noc.

So frustrating!!! Im missing so many work texts. Same here.

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  5. This stinks. Holy s….!! This just happened to me, and apparently has been happening for about 5 days. I can get texts, but cannot send them. This is not good at all! I have tagged them, but nothing yet. I checked the outage map, and the closest outage is in Tampa. My neighbor is on the T-Mobile network and sent me a text with no problem. I downloaded pinger, and I can sent texts with no problem. So apparently it is not a damn phone issue like I was told…. So the resolution was changing my phone number…. Any chance you were an iPhone user at some point?

    No, I have a Note 3. So, with the number change, my texts go out now. Are you kidding me? We are constantly restarting our phones and even that has stopped working. Tmobile — this is not o. As soon as they did that, text would go out. Are we all getting discounts on our bill? Wife and I both have issues with multimedia messages in the DFW area.

    Has been happening for the past few months. You click download, and it fails perpetually. This happens a lot with group texts. I have a G3 and my wife has an S5. Totally different phones from different manufacturers. Same exact problem. The network. I loved T-Mobile before this.

    I am at a loss. I used this App that you can download for free called CleanMaster and basically what i did was just clean the basic junk files that your phone stores. It seemed to have worked for my cell phone because now i am receiving text messages on 4G 3G and 2G instead of just on 2G or 3G. At least not on the Note 2. I have been having issues receiving texts for a week now. Then I suddenly received several texts all at once. This is not good for my social life… I am paying for these services. I continually have this issue and it persists. Nearly every week I have an issue. I would love if T-Mobile would address this and actually fix it.

    Meanwhile, we pay so much for a service that should be basic and expected to work. Thank you for offering a solution here at least for the moment. I switched to 3g and am getting some texts, and sound. I went 5 days, none of my text messages or phone calls made it through to people. I am so done with Tmobile. Most are hours after they were sent. Does anyone know if this is a frequent problem, or is Tmobile just dropping the ball?

    Are they even aware of this? Super irritating. This issue has been known for over a year and a half. Now that the new iphone 6s came out the issue seemed to have spread to many phones. Welcome to what I have dealt with for a year. My most recent temporary solution has been to pump down to 4G only and changing my apple ID.

    I am not sure which one fixed it or how long it will last, but if anyone needs a possibly solution please try those. I have tried different phones but messages that get converted to MMS have always have problems. Sometimes they will work for a brief period of time, sometime if I do a retry but regardless , different phones, different accounts and same issue. Trust me when I say tmobile really needs to stop with the uncarrier BS until they resolve these issues and do a serious policy overhaul.

    On my last exchange they said they would have to give me a different phone even though they knew and admitted that it was the network having issues. I went to a t mobile store and the person at the store a 2-year employee told me he had never had anyone with a texting issue in his 2 years of employment.

    He did not appreciate it that I then asked if they had a texting class I could take so I could learn how to acutally learn how to send a text in less than 24 to 48 hours! This is so frustrating 3rd day no calls no Internet and no texts power cycled my phone tried everything nothing works. I had been with T-Mobile for about 12 years continuously. I thought it was Android that was giving me so many problems: After using around 6 Android phones, I gave up Android. I finally gave Apple a chance and got the iPhone 6S Plus. No change. Oct 24, 7: Oct 24, 9: Oct 25, 6: We get the government we deserve.

    iPhone Group Text Messaging – Send People an SMS for the Price of 1

    When there are enough intelligent voices demanding reform, then there were will be such. Until that time, we get the government we deserve. That's about all I can say about that. Oct 25, 1: This is weird. I have t-Mobile and everything works extremely well. Although I had to figure it out by myself though. I am not sure how familiar everybody here is with ibackup bot, but using that tool, you can pretty much fix everything.

    T-Mobile Internet and MMS settings: Apple iPhone

    If you have already activated facetime, call someone who has it I am not sure if you have 3g yet, I do, so I do not use wifi to start facetime and whenever you are on the call just pinch facetime and should work, again try using it wifi just in case you do not have 3g.

    Also is mms, and group messaging working for you? I know t-mobile needs some training. Download ibackup bot and I will try to get home and explain how to fix mms and group messaging. If you were charged the international texts, then chances are that your facetime is already activated, as imessage is pretty much free. Oct 26, No dice. They both required me to enter my Apple ID, gave the me the warning about charges for text message to activate, waited 10 minutes and again both reported as activated.

    Tried sending an Imessage and it failed both with Wifi off and then Wifi on. I have not tried Facetime but I expect more of the same. As a final measure, I reset the phone, restored and re-activated which did not solve the problems. The only thing that's guaranteed to fix the problem is switching to a supported carrier who's network is compatible with the iPhone.

    This is the issue that has me scratching my head. They run via WiFi and over Apple's servers exception being Iphone 5 which I believe now offers carrier supported network Facetime. Apple also sells unlocked phones touting these features. They would be sued six ways West of Wednesday if they did not indicate that the features would not work if the phone is not used on an Apple recognized network. Lots of things can cause this to fail on an unsupported network. An inability to send text messages internationally can do it.

    Failure of the carrier to correctly process the SMS messages can cause it, etc. The T-Mobile network is known not to work correctly with these features. It may, in some cases, but the only ones who can address the problem are T-Mobile. Until and unless they upgrade and correct the problems with their infrastructure, they won't get the iPhone and Apple will not support using the iPhone on their network.

    Apple makes it clear that calling will work on any compatible carrier. The US T-Mobile network is not compatible. They also make it clear that not all features will work on all carriers, even supported carriers. A number of features require explicit carrier support. T-Mobile likes to talk up how many iPhone users they have, because if it weren't for those, they'd be circling the drain. Some would argue they already are.

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