Resident evil 4 ios weapons

Resident Evil 4 Moblie Edition - Weapon List **Function unlock after 10 upgrades of the weapon . iOS Final Fantasy Tactics 50% of the regular price.
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Resident Evil 4 weapons

Hello, I have just completed the game on normal and would like to start a new game on preofessional difficulty. However, it seems that the game won't allow me to carry over the weapons I unlocked into the new game.

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Is there any mod which allows me to carry over weapons from normal to pro? Showing 1 - 10 of 10 comments. Kameraden View Profile View Posts.

Resident Evil 4 Special Weapon Long Play

Not possible and why would you want to? This isn't Resident Evil 5. Professional mode is only a little bit harder than normal mode anyways, minus no tactical vest, and harder QTE moments.

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Because I already unlocked the stuff. I don't want to play on normal again, I want to continue upgrading all my gear on pro. It would make professional mode too easy then. Stevezy View Profile View Posts.

Showing 1 - 15 of 21 comments. Red Nine was my favorite gun in the game. Lu2 View Profile View Posts. I liked to hit hard. Which shotgun had more overall firepower, the Riot Shotgun or Striker?

Resident Evil 4 Moblie Edition - Weapon List

The classic sniper. Not for it's efficience though.

On the contrary, I loved that gun just because of how Leon had to manually eject each cartridge after a single shot. It was slow and risky, but super cool.

Resident Evil 4 for iPhone/iPod touch - CAPCOM

I can't remember because it was so long since I've played it. PS2 That I've forgot. Martyven View Profile View Posts. Red Nine, no doubt! When I found that out, Spain was in some serious trouble.

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Originally posted by McFlameWang:. Last edited by Lu2 ; 16 Feb, 2: Red9 fully upgraded with the stock and exclusive upgrade was the highest damage non-magnum handgun, and you could snipe with it, also loved the bolt-action rifle because it came with a scope, unlike the semi-auto which you had to buy a scope for.

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Originally posted by TOG Fulgrim:.